Our Guesthouse Label

Our guesthouse label of quality aims to:

• Improve the quality of the accommodation offered to our visitors here in French Polynesia.

• Provide reliable and up to date information about our accommodation for all tourists/visitors.

• to be an additional tool enabling all tourists/visitors to confidently choose their accommodation.

• to help promote our association, and in the future achieve an internationally recognised level of quality.

• guarantee that all of our partners/members provide a quality service that is transparent and meets the expectations of the tourists/visitors.


Our quality standards

The standards of the label are based around four major themes:

1) The environment, ambiance and aesthetics of the guesthouse

2) The quality of the reception and general services

3) Health and safety

4) Catering and food services

“The IA ORA Label of quality”– offers a variety of accommodation across several islands of our 5 archipelagos including : guesthouses, self-catering holiday homes, bungalows, and many more … – All of our partners/members offer unique experiences and all strive to provide an authentic Polynesian vacation.


Our preferred Memebers

From 6000 XPF


PK 4.700 C/mer, Afaahiti Afaahiti 98719 Polynésie française

  • 9Units
  • 2Label
  • WIFI
From 19000 XPF


BP : 70024 98719 Taravao Tahiti, Polynésie Française

  • 4Units
  • Label
  • WIFI